Gallant Financial Offers the following services for Employers.

Plan Design

One of the most important components of driving plan efficiencies is spending time on Plan Design. We work to fully understand your objectives, and then design a retirement plan that is specific for your company. A retirement plan that assures your employees will get the retirement education that they need and deserve, and a retirement plan that reduces your administrative burden.

Areas we focus on include:

  • Employer contribution strategies
  • Evaluation of qualification and eligibility issues
  • Compliance with legislative changes
  • Support Services to help ease plan administrator burdens
  • Optimal use of safe harbors
  • Independent investment education
  • Cross Tested 401k, New Comparability, Cash Balance, and Defined Benefit


Investment Due Diligence

Investment Selection – In short, we ensure that high quality funds stay in your retirement plan. We conduct a comprehensive investment analysis weighting a broad range of factors and construct an investment offering tailored to your unique needs. In addition, we implement an extensive qualitative review of the investments to determine which funds meet our highly selective criteria.

Investment Options – We include multiple investment options inside your retirement plan including ETFs and Mutual Funds. From aggressive to conservative options, we include it all, so your participants have plenty to choose from. We will also help participants pick out their personal investment options based on their risk tolerance and goals.

Ongoing Reporting – We produce a report that analyzes the plan’s investments based on the specific criteria we help you identify in your Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Plan Benchmarking

We analyze total plan costs and ensure that fees are fully disclosed, reasonable, and efficient. We also analyze and quantify revenue sharing arrangements, if any.

Annually, you will know exactly how your plan stacks up with the competition in your industry on multiple levels:

  • Plan Design
  • Plan Participation
  • Employee Education
  • Investment Performance
  • Plan Costs
  • Administrative / Recordkeeping Fees
  • Advisor Fees



We have had much success in getting enrollment numbers up. We know how to get your employees to participate, and it comes down to two simple things we do—we make it easy to enroll, and we make it easy to understand how much to save. We can do group or individual enrollments. We make sure that every participant gets a chance to enroll, and we will travel to multiple employer locations to ensure everyone gets their opportunity to ask questions.

We have seen incredible results in participation and deferral rates from simply showing your employees how much they need to retire, and how that may affect their paycheck, all within a quick and easy enrollment experience.

Employee Communication

Our technology provides us a portal to view all of the plans that we manage on a regular basis. This portal is an important key to the success of Gallant Financials ongoing plan management and communication strategy.

The portal provides us with real time data as to where your plan is from a success perspective, as well as how close (or far) each participant at your company is to being on track for retirement. We send regular communication, such as retirement tips and statements, to employees. We also have built a mobile app to ensure that participants and employees are always able to access financial tips and strategies. Employees can also ask us retirement questions directly from the app. Furthermore, we will spend extra time with employees that are further away from hitting their goals. Our personal wealth management division goes above and beyond to ensure your employees have access to the highest quality financial advice. This service was once reserved for the wealthy, but now, anyone can participant and have full access to excellent financial advisors. These are yet more quintessential examples of Gallant Financials dedication to achieving plan success, and employee financial wellness.

Plan Design and Due Diligence June 30, 2017